Eastway Bowl

Where there is something for everyone!

Eastway Bowl is a first class entertainment destination in Sioux Falls for Leagues Open Bowling and Proshop.


Eastway Bowl is proud to announce the newest member to our staff, Pro Shop Manager Adam Danielsen!   

Adam is a recent graduate of Minnesota State University.  He has been working and participating in the sport of bowling since the age of 10.  He has received his national certification from IBPSIA   

With knowledge and technology at the core of Eastway's proshop, Adam will be using tools such as Powerhouse's Blueprint software, Innovative's VACU Jig Ball Drill Machine, the Rejuvinator, the HAUS resurfacer and much more.  All designed to give you the best possible ball match, surface, fit and layout to increase your comfort and scoring ability!    

Available in Eastway's NEW proshop.  Call today to set up your appointment!                605-336-0468

Pro Shop Services

  1. Custom Fit and Drill
  2. Plug ALL and Redrill
  3. Plug Partial and Redrill
  4. Haus Resurfacing System
  5. Detox (Draw oil out of ball)
  6. Replace Inserts
  7. Vise IT Systems
  8. Clean and or Polish